Review: A Quiet Place

Image retrieved from IMDb

A Quiet Place opened this past weekend to $45 million at the box office. I contributed $9.49 to that total. I had high expectations solely based off the first trailer and the star power. And boy, did it deliver on those expectations.

It’s a very simple premise. Stay quiet, because if you don’t, then aliens with mega hearing will kill you. To keep with the simple premise, director John Krasinski keeps the whole plot very simple. After the first ten or so minutes, the whole movie takes place over the course of two days. But a lot happens in those two days.

There is tension throughout almost the entire hour and a half. Krasinski barely gives the audience a chance to catch their breath at any moment. The way that he uses close up shots and the lack of sound to keep the viewer at the edge of their seat the whole way through is incredible and extremely impressive.

The acting is also excellent from the four main actors. Krasinski is further proving that he’s much more than the prankster Jim from The Office and his real life wife Emily Blunt turns in a great performance of her own. In fact, people are already saying that her scene in the bathtub will go down as an iconic scene in suspense. The two child actors are also given a lot to do and do a great job with it. What’s most impressive about all of these performances is the fact that they were mostly done without speaking. The actors had to convey their emotions almost completely physically and still keep the audience attentive. They all found the perfect balance.

Above all of this, though, what drives A Quiet Place is the familial aspect of it. Krasinski has said this is what attracted him to the project. It’s more than just a family trying to escape monsters. It’s about the importance of family and the lengths that a parent will go to to protect their children. Even for someone who is not a parent (me), that is a powerful message to witness onscreen. It’s the glue that holds the film together.

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