Examining Jon Snow

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The ending of Game of Thrones left what seems like the majority of fans dissatisfied, especially with how many of the character arcs wrapped up. I already wrote about why I loved the final season on SiftPop, but I still have more to say when it comes to specific characters. This series will look into why many, if not all, of these arcs worked so well for me, continuing with Jon Snow. Full spoilers and adult content will be discussed.

Jon Snow garners a lot of flak as a character. He’s accused of being a brooding, gravelly voiced, whiny character. But I don’t think any of this is fair at all. He is a character with a strong sense of duty and morality, and who has no real place in a world where those two things seem to get cast aside by most.

This was totally on display in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Jon pledged himself to Queen Daenerys, and even when he saw her take an obvious evil turn, he still tried to talk himself into defending her because of the fact that he had pledged to her his loyalty. As crazy as that seems, and as badly as we want him to see her for what she is, that is completely within character for someone like him. In fact, it is even quite compelling. To have a moral center stand his ground this staunchly is fascinating.

This all makes Jon Snow a military-minded man who would be a great ruler. His time as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and King in the North show just how fit he is to rule. But he didn’t want to rule. So to see him go back to the Wall after doing what honor and duty required – killing the Mad Queen – is only fitting. He finished off where he always felt like belonged: in the North. It was beautiful and poetic for such an excellent character.

One thought on “Examining Jon Snow

  1. It was going full circle for the story in general, watching him and the wildlings walking from the wall, in contrast with the very beginning where the first thing you saw was the group returning from beyond the wall. It was an absolutely perfect ending. Unfortunately he’s probably going to get stuck ruling there, too!! 🙂


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