A More Tender Look at the Downtrodden

Mac is able to enact inspire and spark a small scale “uprising” through personal relationships. He leads by example and shows his friends what they are missing out on. Instead of some difficult to grasp abstract idea, it’s the personal relationship and firsthand experience which they latch on to, and that is extremely special.

The Last Temptation of Christ: Understanding the Messiah

The Last Temptation of Christ really is an incredible and beautiful depiction of the life of Jesus. For someone like me who often feels lost among so much information about Jesus and Christianity, it is a great way to ground me. It helps me relate to the one person I should relate to out of everyone in the Christian tradition. It’s a beautiful film and perhaps the most important depiction of Christ on film. It is for me.

Searching for Faith and Meaning – A Serious Man and Awakenings

Spoilers for A Serious Man and Awakenings below! Is there a point to life? Is there any meaning?  Obviously, these are the most basic yet existential questions that we can ask as humans. We may never know the real answer, but I recently watched two movies that addressed the questions.  I never would have connected A Serious Man and Awakenings in my mind if IContinue reading “Searching for Faith and Meaning – A Serious Man and Awakenings”