Playing Catch-Up

There are a lot of movies out there (thanks, Captain Obvious) and there are many I just haven’t gotten to see yet. This is the page where I go back and play catch-up!

There are lots of movies on my List of Shame. If it was released before the 60s, there’s a solid chance I haven’t seen it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it! So you can come here to read about my first experience with movies I feel like I should have probably watched by now. And this isn’t limited to older classics. If it’s a movie I’m interested in, but just happened to miss, this is the series where you can find my thoughts on it!

Lion — Review

It’s beautiful in both heart and appearance

The Purge — Review

I was left with more questions than ideas to ponder, and that’s how I know the movie failed. 

Cool Hand Luke — Review

Nevertheless, Cool Hand Luke was a great watch that I appreciate largely because of Paul Newman.

The Kid — Review

The Kid is an excellent film and one that I’m sure I’ll come back to time and time again.

Easy Rider — Appreciating Influence

It won’t be a movie I come back to time and time again because of its merits as a film, but I sit here writing this glad that I watched it and that I can now understand yet another small part of film history.

City of God — Examining Nature vs. Nurture

City of God is excellent. It pulls off a magic trick where it’s able to show the perspective of at least a dozen different characters and doesn’t necessarily place a value judgement on any of their actions until the very end.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword — Review

But noted auteur Guy Ritchie creates a feeling that’s truly epic where you always can tell what is happening, even if you’re not completely sure why it’s happening.


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