House of Gucci and The Power of the Dog — What You Might Like

House of Gucci I’m a big fan of Ridley Scott and The Last Duel is one of my favorite movies of the year. But sadly, House of Gucci just didn’t do it for me. It tries to pack in a lot, which gives it a runtime reaching over two-and-a-half hours, but the pacing falls outContinue reading “House of Gucci and The Power of the Dog — What You Might Like”

My Top 5 Leading Actor Performances of 2019

As the Oscars approach, awards chatter is coming to a close. We’ve seen mostly the same people win acting awards this whole season, but I think it’s time to give recognition to some performances which have fallen by the wayside at the expense of the favorites.

Silence and the Importance of Questions

But what happens when a movie isn’t really trying to tell you anything? What if its goal is to raise questions for the viewer to think about and process so that they can decide for themselves what they think about certain topics? A movie like this still has themes and ideas that it brings up and presents to the audience, but they aren’t the focal point. They aren’t what the filmmaker wants you to take away from the film. In this situation, as previously mentioned, the filmmaker wants you to think for yourself about the topics at hand.