Silence and the Importance of Questions

But what happens when a movie isn’t really trying to tell you anything? What if its goal is to raise questions for the viewer to think about and process so that they can decide for themselves what they think about certain topics? A movie like this still has themes and ideas that it brings up and presents to the audience, but they aren’t the focal point. They aren’t what the filmmaker wants you to take away from the film. In this situation, as previously mentioned, the filmmaker wants you to think for yourself about the topics at hand.

Hacksaw Ridge and Staying True to What You Believe

This just goes to show the power of what he believed in. And he felt so strongly in what he believed in that he would not abandon it for anything. It is an inspiring message that can be taken and applied in any facet of life: stay true to what you believe.

Andrew Garfield as a Leading Actor

After The Amazing Spider-Man ended, Andrew Garfield has gone on to do five more movies. Four of these movies have been released, and of those four, two of them will be discussed in this post. Because of the subject matters and impact of Hacksaw Ridge and Silence, they will be getting their own posts. But in those, I will discuss the films as a whole and look past just Garfield’s performances. That means, today I will be looking at 99 Homes and Breathe, both of which featured Garfield as the lead actor.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

A lot has been made over the past few years since Garfield was replaced by Tom Holland about whether he was a good Spider-Man, whether the movies were good, Garfield’s relationship to the studio, and much more. But I want to focus on how he was as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his attitude towards the character and the movies.

Andrew Garfield as a Supporting Actor Part 2

To continue what I started on Tuesday, I’m going to be taking a look at Never Let Me Go and The Social Network. Apart from Spider-Man, The Social Network is what officially put Andrew Garfield on the map for mainstream audiences, and it was deserved. Never Let Me Go is a beautiful movie that almost seems like a long episode of Black Mirror.

Andrew Garfield as a Supporting Actor Part 1

Up to this point, Andrew Garfield’s career can be divided into three sections: supporting actor, Spider-Man, and lead actor, with Boy A catapulting him into these sections. This week, I’m taking a look at his supporting roles in Lions for Lambs, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Never Let Me Go, and The Social Network, with today being devoted to the first two. Each one of these roles is very different from the others, but they all inform of the kind of roles and ideas that Garfield is interested in taking on.