The Mixed (But Ultimately Positive) Bag of the Snyder Cut

But in the end, props to Warner Bros. for going through with this. The Snyder family went through something that no one should have to go through. It’s simply fitting to see his film carried out to completion. This is a unique circumstance that is making lots of people very happy. I hope it doesn’t set a precedent for more movies or series to redone, but I really don’t think it will. It’s too singular of a movement. A movement that ultimately yielded exactly what it wanted.

Appreciating Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight Rises

What makes most of Nolan’s movies so great is that they get better with each subsequent viewing. You pick up on things that you didn’t before and are able to piece the overall plot together in a much more coherent way. Things that didn’t make sense the first time around begin to make perfect sense and you’re just in awe with what Nolan is able to do with his storytelling. Unfortunately, when you go back and watch The Dark Knight Rises, things that didn’t make sense the first time either continue to not make sense or, in some cases, make even less sense than they did before.

Appreciating Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight

So much has been said about The Dark Knight in the last ten years. It’s widely regarded as the greatest superhero film ever made, so it’s only natural that every last second of it would be examined. Two of the things that people love most about it are how great of a villain the Joker is and how it is able to transcend the superhero genre.

Appreciating Christopher Nolan: Batman Begins

If you watched Memento and Insomnia, then you probably would have had a hard time guessing that Christopher Nolan would be the next person to direct a Batman movie. But that’s exactly what happened. Nolan brings a completely new take to what a superhero movie could be.