The Pleas of Brad Bird’s Films

My head is telling me we’re at a point where the quote about politicians not understanding the reasons to do good is his most relevant line of dialogue. But because Bird’s movies are all about being positive, my heart says that there is hope and we can and will do better.

Review: Toy Story 4

As a kid, the Toy Story movies were my favorite. Interestingly, Toy Story 2 may be what I quote the most of any movie. So I of course was excited for and loved 3 and thought it was a perfect ending. But when Toy Story 4 was announced, I, like most people was confused why there needed to be another one. I didn’t know where these characters could be taken that made sense narratively. I thought it was a bad idea to make another one, but knew that I would be in the theater to see it opening night. So when I saw it, two things happened: my suspicions were confirmed, and I was blown away.